ESL Pro League Season 4 Overview – Brazil, baby!

October 26, 2016 - Esports

After several weeks of gruelling matches, teams from Europe and NA found their way to Brazil, where they are set to fight a prize pool of $600,000. Previous to the tournament, there’ve been some concerns about visas for the NA teams due to the fact that the eased travel rules in Brazil due to the Olympics got stricter again, making it difficult to get a visa to enter the country in the break between qualifying and the start of the tournament. Alas, it seems that everything is going to be  fine after all.

The tournament starts on the 26th of October, set to be over on the 30th. The winner will get $200,000. The teams were seeded into 2 groups, a mix of European and NA teams included in their ranks. They will play against the rest of their groups. The top team will make it into the Semifinal, while the second and third seed of each group will have to fight to get there in the Round of 6.

Group A has Immortals, mousesports, OpTic Gaming, Team EnVyUs, and Team Liquid. Fnatic should have been there as well, however, they had to miss the tournament. Looking at the teams competing in this group, mousesports, Immortals, Liquid, and EnVyUs jump out as the strongest, though, as always, it’s hard to tell for sure. Gun to my head, I would predict Liquid to win the group, while EnVyUs and mouse fight in the Best of 6.

Group B is where the truly strong teams got placed. Cloud9, Ninjas in Pyjamas, SK Gaming, FaZe Clan, NRG eSports, and Team Dignitas is a very impressive line-up. While Team Dignitas has been on the rise and SK had to give up their throne as the #1 ranked team in the world to, I wouldn’t be surprised if either of these two took the free ticket to the Semis. The third place team is no less easier to figure out, with Cloud9 and NiP being extremely strong contenders, even though pyth is still sidelined with CTS. FaZe Clan wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows if they made it out of the Groups as well.

All in all, the end of this week from the CS:GO perspective should be an exciting affair. Some of the best teams in the world gathered in an exotic destination to fight for a considerable sum of money, with two Brazilian teams providing an opportunity for the local fans to cheer. One question, though. If Immortals and SK Gaming play each other, who’s getting cheered for more? We should all hope to find out.