ESL One New York is Done–FaZe Victorious

September 18, 2017 - Esports
ESL One New York is Done–FaZe Victorious

Some of the best CS:GO teams in the world flew out to New York to play for a $250,000 prize pool at ESL One New York this weekend, while some others played online in the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 Group B.

In ESL One New York, Astralis, FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, SK Gaming,, Team EnVyUs, and Cloud9 fought in two groups of 4 to make it into the Playoffs and have a chance to win $125,000.

SK Gaming, Cloud9, Natus Vincere, and Team EnVyUs were seeded into Group A of the event, while FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Astralis, and found their home in Group B.

The tournament followed the traditional double-elimination Group Stage format with best of 3 Semifinals and best of 5 Finals. In Group A, the first matches to be played featured SK Gaming vs. Team EnVyUs and Cloud9 vs. Natus Vincere.

SK and nV met on Cobblestone. In the first half, the Brazilians played as Counter-Terrorists and gained the upper hand after securing the first pistol round. All in all, they handily won the first half 10:5, which put them in a good position to resist nV’s comeback attempts in the second half. Despite losing it theoretically, SK managed to secure the 6 rounds they needed to win the series with the score of 16:12.

Next, Cloud9 faced off against Natus Vincere on Inferno. The Americans started on the Terrorist side and came out victorious in the first pistol round, using it to take the lead. Even when it came to full buys, they managed to maintain the lead, winning the half 11-4. In the second half, Na’Vi tried to mount a comeback but weren’t successful in the end. Even though they did pick up 9 points, they couldn’t stop Cloud9 from getting the five they needed to win the map, 16-13.

In the winners’ match, SK Gaming played Cloud9 on Train and proved why they are one of the best CS:GO teams in the world. They crushed the Americans 13-2 in the first half and got the last three points by Round 6 of the second half, winning the map 16-5.

Then, Natus Vincere played Team EnVyUs in the losers’ match. After Cache and Mirage were removed, Train was picked by Na’Vi, while nV elected to play on Cobblestone. Then, teams removed Nuke and Overpass to make Inferno the decider.

On Train, Na’Vi started as the Terrorists and managed to win the first half 9-6. In the second half, they won as well with the score of 7-5, making it 16-11 in their favor. On Cobblestone, the CIS team started on the CT side and managed to get themselves a 3-point lead. Their T side was much more dominating. They won 7-2 and finished the map 16-8, winning the best of 3 series 16-8 and getting another chance to play for the Playoffs.

Meeting Cloud9 once again, Natus Vincere had a challenge on their hands. The maps for the series were Mirage, picked by Cloud9, Train, picked by Na’Vi, and Overpass, which was left over after the teams banned Nuke, Cache, Cobblestone, and Inferno in that order.

The first half of Mirage was very close with Cloud9 as on the Terrorist side. They won it 8-7. The Na’Vi T-side was much weaker. The CIS side lost it 3-8, having to watch as the series took a turn for the worse for them, losing the first map 10-16 to Cloud9.

The second map was close once again in the first half. As Terrorists, Natus Vincere won it 8-7 but then lost as CTs very badly, 3-9, making it 11-16 in favor of Cloud9. As the team to win two maps, the Americans qualified for the Playoffs.

In Group B, FaZe Clan played their initial match against on Cache. After a strong Terrorist half, which they won 10-5, the multinational super team continued dominating their opponents, winning the second half 6-0 for a crushing 16-5 victory.

In the second opening match of Group B, Astralis played Team Liquid on Mirage. The Americans eked out a small lead in the first half, 8-7, but fell behind in the second, losing it 5-9 and the map as a whole 13-16.

In the winners’ match, FaZe Clan faced off against Astralis. Starting out as Terrorists on Inferno, Astralis absolutely demolished their Danish opponents in the first half, winning it 12-3. While their CT side was weaker, the 4-3 win in the second half was enough to give them a 16-6 victory.

In the losers’ match, faced Liquid with elimination from the tournament at stake. Inferno, Nuke, and Mirage were the maps picked. In the first map, Inferno, Team Liquid managed to start strong playing as Terrorists, winning the first half 9-6. When the teams switched sides, nothing really changed, as Liquid won the CT side 7-4, for a total score of 16-10. came back on their own map, Nuke. They won the T-sided first half 10-5 and followed it up with a dominating 6-1 in the second, to bring it up to a 16-6 win, making it 1-1 in match score.

Then, the two teams entered the decider map, Mirage. Liquid was the first to start as Counter-Terrorists and did so extremely successfully, winning it 13-2. In the second half, it took them 6 rounds to pick up the last three points they needed to win the series.

In the Group B decider match, Team Liquid faced off against Astralis. Inferno, Cache, and Mirage were the three maps to be played. The two teams played the first half of Inferno neck and neck, with Astralis coming out slightly ahead, 8-7, on the T side. Once the teams switched, Team Liquid was the one to find more success, winning their own T-sided half 9-6 and gaining a map win in the series.

Once the series went to Cache, the true battle started. The first half was won by the Terrorists, Team Liquid, with the score of 9-6, but Astralis came back and put up the same result in their own Terrorist side, forcing an Overtime, which they won 4-2 for a total score of 19-17.

Then, the time to play Mirage came. Team Liquid proved to be inferior to the CT-sided Astralis in the first half, losing it 6-9, but everything changed once they got the chance to play as the good guys. Their CT play didn‘t leave much hope for Astralis, as the Americans won the half 10-3 and the map 16-12 to make it to the ESL One New York Playoffs.

In the Semifinals of the tournament, FaZe Clan was seeded against Cloud9, while SK Gaming played vs. Team Liquid.

In the first map of the match between FaZe and C9, Mirage, FaZe convincingly won the first half 11-4 and followed it up with 5-0 in the second. The second map, Overpass, went through in the same manner. FaZe Clan won the first half 12-3 and the second 4-0 to get an easy spot in the Finals.

The battle between Liquid and SK was different. While Liquid started Inferno strong, winning the first half 11-4, the Brazilians came right back and forced a tie with the same score. Then, the teams played 10 intense Overtime rounds before Liquid finally won, 22-18.

On Overpass, SK Gaming wasn’t up for having the same drama happen. They crushed Liquid in the first half, 11-4 and followed it up with 5-0 in the second for the win.

Next, the two teams met for the decider on Cobblestone. Liquid won a close first half 8-7 and repeated the achievement in the second half, winning it 8-7 as well.

The Finals matchup was FaZe Clan vs. Team Liquid, which was honestly quite unexpected. In the first map, Inferno, FaZe Clan completely embarrassed Team Liquid, winning the first half 15-0. After Liquid won the second round, however, they bought themselves the anti-eco rounds before the two teams got to the first full buy, at which point FaZe put the Americans on their back.

The second map, Overpass, was much more hotly contested. While FaZe Clan won the first half convincingly, 11-4, Liquid failed to match that. With that said, they did come close, winning the second half 10-5, which made the final score of the map 14-16 in FaZe Clan‘s favor.

In the third map of the series, FaZe Clan was once again in control, winning the first half 11-4. This time, however, they picked up 5 straight points in the second half as well, winning the map 16-4 and the series 3-0.

Congratulations to FaZe Clan, the champions of ESL One New York 2017.