ESL One Cologne 2016 – Team Liquid Skin Overview

July 14, 2016 - Esports

Team Liquid battled through a very strong gauntlet in order to reach the Grand Final of ESL One Cologne 2016. Naturally, their skins saw some serious action, StatTrak counter numbers balooning up like crazy. has article on every single player on Team Liquid, however, it should be useful to talk about the team’s skins as a whole. With that said, let’s begin.

Starting with the knives players love to switch spam with, various Doppler variations were the most popular among Liquid players in this tournament. To start with, s1mple had an M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler in the beginning of the tournament, while he finished it with a red Doppler instead. Who knows why he did it, maybe he thought that the Gamma Doppler is unlucky? Hiko and nitr0 were the two players who had different knife skins for T and CT sides, with Hiko preferring StatTrak Bayonet | Dopplers, while nitr0 went for a Karambit | Crimson Web and a Bayonet | Doppler. The two Liquid members who used a single knife skin throughout the tournament were jdm64 and EliGE, with the latter having the distinction of the knife being his ONLY skin. Jdm64 used a StatTrak Karambit | Marble Fade, while EliGE preferred Karambit | Doppler.

Moving on to pistols, the starting ones to be exact, EliGE and jdm64 didn’t have an USP-S skin, even though jdm actually did use them for some of his other guns, unlike EliGE. S1mple used a StatTrak Kill Confirmed, while nitr0 preferred StatTrak Guardian. Hiko didn’t use USP-S at all, taking StatTrak P2000 | Corticera instead. Hiko and s1mple used Glock-18 | Fade. Nitr0 preferred StatTrak Water Elemental. Jdm64 was entirely original, using StatTrak Bunsen Burner instead.

Let’s move to non-starting pistols now. For P250, jdm64 and Hiko liked Nuclear Threat. Nitr0 had a StatTrak Valence, s1mple preferred StatTrak Asiimov. Real life friends Hiko and s1mple were in tune with each other in game, with both using Desert Eagle | Blaze, jdm64 preferred Naga, while nitr0 didn’t have Deagle skin at all. In the matter of Tec-9, CZ75-Auto, and FiveSeveN, s1mple (StatTrak Violent Daimyo), jdm64 (StatTrak Monkey Business), and Hiko (Neon Kimono) used a Five-SeveN instead of CZ75, while nitr0 used the Auto | Pole Position with StatTrak. In the same vein as his Desert Eagle, nik0 didn’t use a Tec-9 skin either. From the three players who preferred Five-SeveN, all of them used Tec-9, with Nuclear Threat in Hiko’s, Urban DDPAT in jdm64’s, and StatTrak Avalanche in s1mple’s case.

Moving on to really important rifles, AK-47, M4A4, M4A1-S, and AWP, the only person on Liquid observed to use M4A1-S was s1mple, who preferred the new Mecha Industries skin from Gamma Cases. The rest of his teammates preferred the M4A4’s increased magazine size. Hiko skinned his CT rifle with StatTrak Howl, while nitr0 went original, choosing Radiation Hazard instead. Jdm64 and s1mple, when he preferred the M4A4 for that specific map, used the new Desolate Space. When the eco rounds were over and the time to take out Kalashnikovs came, Team Liquid was almost united, ignoring jdm64 (let’s be honest, he just joined the team) and EliGE (who doesn’t use skins = doesn’t count). All three used Fire Serpent, s1mple’s even had StatTrak. Finally, the almighty AWP. Liquid’s main AWPer, jdm had a StatTrak Graphite skin with over 100500 kills! That’s freaking ridiculous. Nitr0 didn’t have an AWP skin at all, while the secondary AWPer s1mple used Dragon Lore. Finally, Hiko is very stingy with his money. I had to rewatch matches to figure out which AWP skin he uses because the player almost never buys it. What is the Holy Grail, you ask? AWP | Medusa. Okay, that MIGHT have NOT been a waste of time.

As you can see, Team Liquid uses a wide variety of skins, though they often match on different players. That might be because they don’t want their teammates to feel uncomfortable when handling a weapon with an unfamiliar skin or there’re only so many cool-looking skins unless you get very creative. Whatever the case may be, researching for this article and the ones about specific players on Liquid was fun. Look forwards to more articles like this in the future.