ESL One Cologne 2016 – SK Gaming Skin Overview

July 14, 2016 - Esports

SK Gaming. Two times Major champions and the current undisputed best CS:GO team in the world. In this article series, I’m looking at which skins are used by the best players and teams in the world. Naturally, SK Gaming should be one of the first. I prioritised Team Liquid because their ESL One Cologne 2016 Playoff run was much more surprising.

Before I start going in depth on the subject, I would like to note that one of the team’s entry fraggers Fernando “fer” Alvarenga barely used any skins in this tournament, only using StatTrak USP-S | Stainless, StatTrak AK-47 | Case Hardened, M9 Bayonet | Doppler on T side, and Karambit | Doppler on CT side. With that said, let’s go on to the rest of the team.



The CT starting pistol skins on SK Gaming weren’t very varied, with Lincoln “fnx” Lau and fer both using StatTrak USP-S | Stainless, while Marcelo “coldzera” David and Epitácio "TACO" de Melo had StatTrak USP-S | Kill Confirmed. Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo used USP-S | Royal Blue.


Moving on to the Terrorist side starters, all four players with skins on this weapon used different ones. Coldzera used StatTrak Grinder, fnx had Fade, TACO utilised Souvenir Night, while FalleN kept using his Souvenir Groundwater.


FalleN’s favorite pistol had the Asiimov skin, while TACO used StatTrak Splash, fnx didn’t have a skin at all, and coldzera used StatTrak P250 | Valence.

Desert Eagle

The hand cannon had Blaze applied to it by coldzera, while FalleN used Conspiracy, TACO had Souvenir Urban DDPAT,  and fnx StatTraked on Naga.


This category is a little bit different because of varied loadouts used by different SK Gaming members. FalleN used Tec-9 | Bamboo Forest and Five-SeveN | Monkey Business. TACO preferred Souvenir Tec-9 | Toxic and Souvenir Five-SeveN | Contractor. Fnx got CZ75-Auto | Red Astor instead of Tec-9 and Five-SeveN | Violent Daimyo. Coldzera forwent Five-SeveN altogether, using Souvenir Tec-9 Red Quartz and StatTrak Pole Position.



The members of SK Gaming used 3 different skins for their CT rifle of choice. FalleN and fnx chose the Desolate Space skin (fnx’s had StatTrak), while TACO and coldzera used Asiimov and StatTrak Howl respectively.


All members of SK used different skins for their AK-47s. FalleN stayed true to his Frontside Misty, TACO had a StatTrak Redline, fnx utilised a StatTrak Vulcan, coldzera – StatTrak Fire Serpent, and fer made one of the rare exceptions in his no skins rule for this tournament, using StatTrak Case Hardened.


The list of SK AWPs must start with coldzera’s Dragon Lore. The rest are less impressive. FalleN used StatTrak Redline once again, while TACO and fnx had Boom and Phobos respectively.


TACO stayed loyal to his StatTrak Shadow Daggers | Crimson Web, FalleN changed his knives up from ELEAGUE Final against C9 by using Butterfly Knife | Crimson Web, fnx had a StatTrak Buterrfly Knife | Fade, coldzera utilised two knives for different sides – M9 Bayonet | Doppler for T side and Karambit | Doppler for CT. fer followed coldzera’s example.