ESL One Cologne 2016 Groups Announced

June 13, 2016 - Esports

Following the qualifier tournament, all teams competing at ESL One Cologne 2016, the second CS:GO Major this year, are now known. We aren’t Jon Snow anymore, ladies and gentlemen. As it often happens in tournaments of such importance, one of the groups is stacked as hell, with all of them being worthy of competing in the playoffs. Read on to find out more.

The Group A will have Team Liquid,, mousesports, and EnVyUs. This is a very volatile bunch of teams, where any prediction as to who is going it do the best likely to explode in my face. Still, nobody has ever called me a coward, so here I go… In my opinion, should come out the least hurt in this group, topping the standings in the process. As for the team that should place second… either mousesports or EnVyUs, depending on which squad chokes less. I’m leaning towards Envy because kennyS is a beast.

Looking at the teams seeded into Group B, it will obviously be the hardest one to get out of because Luminosity, Fnatic, and G2 are very strong, with FaZe not being a pushover as well. Having said that, Luminosity seems like a safe bet. The second seed, however, is much harder. In my opinion, it strongly depends on whether olofmeister is back and in his old condition. If he is, fnatic all the way. If not… G2 Esports should have a slight edge, helping them to get one over their competition with the orange logo. It’s sad to see such a stacked group, because all three of those teams would be right at home in the playoffs, with FaZe not too far behind.

Astralis, Counter Logic Gaming, Gambit, and Dignitas. Group C isn’t populated by a very exciting slew of competitors. With that in mind, Astralis should come out on top of this group, with Dignitas probably trailing behind in second place. Not very exciting.

The last group of the tournament contains Na’Vi, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OpTic, and FlipSid3. If Na’Vi and NiP don’t both make it out of that group, I will eat my socks. Poor OpTic and FlipSid3, as they would have had a change in Group C or even A, with some luck. As things are, however, hell will freeze over before they make it out of groups.

As you might have noticed while reading this article, I think that the only two interesting Groups are A and B, with the rest being obvious as to the winners or just plain boring. Whatever the case may be, the group stages should prove to be interesting overall, on the back of Luminosity’s group, which is worthy of playing in the playoffs. Look out for coverage of ESL One Cologne 2016 on