ESL One Cologne 2016 – fnatic Skins Overview

July 20, 2016 - Esports

Before MLG Major Championship: Columbus, fnatic was thought to be one of the best, if not THE best, teams in the world. Then, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer started having problems with his hand. As a result, he had to go on break and fnatic fell in a slump. Once ESL One Cologne 2016, the second Valve-sponsored Major of the year, came around, olofmeister was supposed to be close to his final form. As a result, Fnatic reached the Semi-finals of the tournament, where they fell to Team Liquid with the beastly s1mple at the front.

Looking at the skins used by fnatic in this tournament, I was surprised to see that dennis actually had skins. When I wrote about all Fnatic players, he ran around with no skins at all. Anyway, let’s go over Fnatic’s skins weapon by weapon. Guns like SMGs, shotguns, and miser’s rifles are ignored.



I’m looking at my table for all the skins I’m interested in right now and I’m surprised. None of the USP-S skins used by fnatic are the same, there is no Kill Confirmed. Olofmeister used StatTrak Orion, Freddy “KRiMZ” Johansson chose USP-S | Overgrowth, while Dennis “dennis” Edman and Robin "flusha" Rönnquist had StatTrak Lead Conduit and Souvenir Royal Blue respectively. It has to be noted, that dennis used USP-S | Torque in a game or two. Jesper “JW” Wecksell, on the other hand, dropped the USP-S from his loadout entirely, using StatTrak P2000 | Fire Elemental.


While USP-Ss were varied, Glocks… not so much. Three out of five fnatic players used Glock-18 | Fade: olofmeister, KRiMZ, and JW. Flusha preferred his Water Elemental, while dennis had a Souvenir Groundwater.


KRiMZ and flusha had P250 | Sand Dune, where flusha’s was a Souvenir version. Olofmeister had P250 | Muertos, dennis Souvenir Contamination, while JW used StatTrak Valence. You know, it seems that once dennis decided to use skins, he was convinced that they should at least remind him of good times, for most of his skins are Souvenir.

Desert Eagle

When I collected all Desert Eagle skins used by fnatic players, I was surprised once again because only once of them used Blaze (olofmeister) The rest were all different too. KRiMZ used StatTrak Kumicho Dragon, dennis had a Souvenir Urban DDPAT, JW used StatTrak Bronze Deco, and flusha had a StatTrak Crimson Web equipped.


Flusha was the only fnatic player to use a Five-SeveN. Even then, he didn’t have a skin on it. His Terrorist side pistol was a StatTrak Tec-9 | Sandstorm. Olofmeister used a CZ75-Auto with no skin and a Tec-9 | Toxic. KRiMZ used Souvenir Tec09 | Brass and StatTrak CZ75-Auto | Victoria. Dennis also chose Tec-9 with CZ75-Auto, skinning the pistols with Re-Entry and Souvenir Nitro respectively. JW didn’t use Tec-9 or Five-SeveN at all, utilizing his StatTrak CZ-75-Auto | Yellow Jacket for both Terrorist and CT sides.



I found it quite interesting that two of fnatic’s players, dennis and JW, used both M4A4 and M4A1-S, depending on the map played. JW had M4A4 | Howl and M4A1-S | Mecha Industries, while dennis used Souvenir M4A4 | Urban DDPAT and Souvenir M4A1-S | VariCamo. Olofmeister used StatTrak M4A4 | Howl, KRiMZ used M4A1-S | Knight exclusively, while flusha had a StatTrat M4A4 | Royal Paladin skin.


Fire Serpents dominated fnatic’s Kalashnikov skin selection. Four out of five players (dennis excluded) had an AK-47 skin, three of them were Fire Serpent, with olofmeister, KRiMZ, and JW using it. JW even had StatTrak. Flusha, however, liked Black Laminate better.


Usually, it’s a drag to find the AWP skins of some players because they are Riflers who don’t often donate the sniper rifle to their AWPer teammates. Fortunately, there was a round where Fnatic went with a 5 AWP setup in one of their ESL One Cologne 2016 games. Olofmeister and JW used Dragon Lore, while flusha and dennis had Man-o’-war. KRiMZ used AWP | Asiimov.


Olofmeister and KRiMZ used two different knives during the course of ESL One Cologne 2016. Olof had Karambit and M9 Bayonet Dopplers, while KRiMZ seemed to be undecided between a Karambit | Fade and a StatTrak Bayonet | Tiger Tooth. The rest of the team were consistent. JW had a Karambit | Lore, dennis Karambit | Doppler. Finally, flusha didn’t have a knife skin at all. No clue why, though. – click to see a convenient table with all skins used by Fnatic