ESC Ever Bought By Korean Fast Food Goliath, Renamed to BBQ Olivers

January 12, 2017 - Esports
ESC Ever Bought By Korean Fast Food Goliath, Renamed to BBQ Olivers

In more light-hearted news, ESC Ever, a team that qualified for the 2017 Spring Split of LCK, has been bought by a Korean food Goliath, Genesis BBQ Chicken. While teams bought by non-endemic companies has been more and more normal as time passed in 2016 and the beginning of 2017, ESC Ever’s new name… is, frankly, so ridiculous, that it’s actually genius. And hilarious. And sooooo cool. We will have to watch a couple of matches just to hear the casters say the name. What is it? BBQ Olivers.

The meaning of “BBQ” in the name is obvious, but what does the “Olivers” stand for? Apparently, it’s used because the new owners of the team wanted to emphasize and bring forward the fact that they only use pure olive oil in their food. Apparently, that’s something special in the Korean BBQ industry. Olive oil is more expensive than some other oils, so maybe that’s their way of saying that they are doing well enough to make their food with more expensive ingredients?

Whatever the case may be, the newly established… BBQ Olivers are NOT a very good team. The org known as ESC Ever wasn’t good. They qualified for 2016 LCK Summer, finished the Split in 9th place and had to play in the Promotion tournament to keep their spot in the LCK for the 2017 LCK Spring Split. They did manage to stay in the strongest League in the world after defeating CJ Entus 3:1. Still, their prospects for the next season are bad to say the least. The LCK is probably going to be strongest it’s ever been with the beast SK Telecom T1 and KT Rolster teams fighting for dominance. Now, if another food chain bought a team as well, we could have a food war to go with the telecom war that’s been going on in LCK for years.

All in all, the naming of teams is a very interesting subject. In traditional sports, strong, aggressive names are favored, like Patriots, Warriors, Cavaliers, Yankees. In eSports, names are either quirky and self-conscious or braggadocious. For example, Unicorns of Love, Misfits, Immortals, Renegades, hell, even Cloud9. BBQ Olivers is obviously quirky, however, consciously or not, the new owners of Ever did something cool. They created a meme. That is an important part of gaining a following in gaming culture. With a name like BBQ Olivers, the team will gain fans even if they suck, for the quirky name alone. Ron Weasley followed Chudley Cannons despite them not winning a single game for decades, right? Who the hell knows, BBQ Olivers might awaken Ron Weasley in all of us. Even if it doesn’t you know they exist now. We are writing about a third-rate LCK team. They succeeded.