eLeague Week Two Semifinals – NiP vs. OpTic

June 4, 2016 - Esports

The second eLeague Week Two Semi-final between Ninjas in Pyjamas and OpTic Gaming was closer than the previous one. The teams playing the games were closer in level than G2 and Selfless.

In the first game on Cobblestone, OpTic managed to get a big lead as Terrorists, starting with their win on the pistol round and the two after. The domination continued, with NiP only picking up 3 points in the first half of the game.

After the break, things didn’t improve. OpTic crushed with pistols once again and proceeded to crush their enemies, 16 – 3.

The second map of the game was Overpass. Starting on the T side, NiP managed to win pistols when the bomb exploded despite a player each for both teams being alive. NiP took advantage properly, getting six more wins in a row before stanislaw managed to defuse the bom and give his team some breathing room. It was all for naught, however, because ninjas only gave up one more point in the first half, winning 13 – 2.

The second pistol round was won by NiP when they defused the bomb. NiP got the match point on Round 17 and proceeded to close out the game with an even more domination scoreline than the one brought up against them in the first map.

The deciding match was played on Train. This game was a lot closer than the first two, with both teams putting their big boy pants on and playing it as if it actually mattered. NiP won the first pistol round, however, OpTic countered it by taking the following two from the Swedes and building a lead slowly. Just like in the G2 vs. Selfless match, NiP took a round there or there, trying to keep up with their opponents, not managing to actually completely catch up. The final score with the first half done was 6-9 in OpTic’s favour.

NiP won the second pistol round, just like in the first half. The second round of the half went the same too. Everything changed after the next round, because NiP managed to win another round and get a spree going stopped by daps later. Both teams were trading wins for a while, with the Swedish team coming out ahead in the end, 16 – 14.