eLeague Week Two Semifinals – G2 vs. Selfless

June 4, 2016 - Esports

The first game of eLeague Week Two Semi-finals was a slaughter. It is no wonder because G2 managed to sweep Ninjas in Pyjamas in Day One of play and Selfless lost vs. everyone.

The first map of the series, Cache, was a slaughter-fest rained down upon Selfless’ head by the favorites G2 Esports. MVP of the game was ScreaM, who had 30 kills to 6 deaths, with RpK^ and bodyy, having 17 and 14 kills respectiely. In fact, all members of G2 had more kills than the best player of Selfless, NiFtY. With the score of 16 – 2, there’s not much to say about the match. G2 simply dominated their opponents. The highlights ARE fun to watch unless you are a Selfless fan, though.

In the second game, Selfless found their groove in the beginning, getting more wins in the first 5 rounds than they got during the whole first game. Despite a decent start, however, G2 Esports caught up to their opponents and passed them, winning the first half 10 to 5.

Selfless got a good start on the second pistol round, managing to pick up several rounds, however, G2 managed to stay ahead, keeping a comfortable lead for the rest of the game. It turns out that trading rounds is not enough to win when behind. Who’d have thought?