eLeague Week Two Finals – NiP vs. G2

June 6, 2016 - Esports

Predictably, the eLeague Week Two Finals had Ninjas in Pyjamas battling against G2 Esports. What wasn’t expected was the result of the face off, keeping in mind what happened when the teams played against each other in the group stage.

The first map played was Cache, with NiP starting on the T side and the French G2 squad trying to stop them on CT. G2 won the first round by overwhelming NiP after a bomb plant, with bodyy getting 3 kills and RpK^ defusing the bomb.

On Round 8, the score was 2-5 in favor of G2, when Ninjas took the round. What followed was so unreal and rare, that I don’t even have proper words for it. To put it shortly, NiP came back in a huge way, not giving G2 any more rounds in the first half, winning it 10 – 5. G2 managed to take 4 rounds in the second half of cache, however, NiP looked to be in control of the momentum. Dare I say that G2 didn’t really take the whole game seriously after their win in the group stages? Maybe they expected to prevail again and were relaxed vs. one of the most experienced and best opponents in the world? If they were, they deserve what happened.

The second map of the series was Train. The first half of the match was a systematic demolition of G2. The match looked as if G2 was a third tier gaggle of kids instead of one of the best teams in the world, which already defeated NiP before, several days ago. It could be argued that G2 crumbled after the great comeback by the Ninjas in the first map, however, you could also say that NiP simply rallied for a match that actually matters and showed up when it counted. One thing is for certain, however. 12-3 after 15 rounds should not be what the scoreboard says, not against a team of G2’s calibre. It is quite likely that they thought the match to be in the bag before even starting playing. That is a mistake against even actual weak teams. When you play against the Swedish CS:GO superstars, however, it’s a disaster.

The total crumbling of the G2 squad was readily apparent on round 17, when G2’s RpK^ decided to bring the fight to NiP, getting a couple of entry frags, only to get killed by his teammate bodyy, with a little help from NiP’s friberg. With proper communication, team kills shouldn’t happen. The fact that it did goes to prove the disarray in the G2 lineup. Ninjas won the game on round 19, the score was 16-3.

Whatever the reason, things like this should never happen in professional gaming. G2 Esports are better than this score shows. While NiP proved to be the better team in this series, they are not THAT much better.