ELEAGUE Season 2 Group C Results

November 15, 2016 - Esports

The somewhat shorter ELEAGUE Season 2 is well underway now, with three out of the four groups over and done with. Before the teams started playing, most people would have bet on SK Gaming and Natus Vincere making it out and getting into the Playoffs. Is that what happened? Let’s see!

The first battle to be fought was between the two teams which looked to be the strongest in the group, Natus Vincere and SK Gaming. They met on one of the best maps for SK Gaming, Train. The first half on CT went well for Na’Vi, they managed to win the half 9:6, however, the Brazilians weren’t about to roll over and lose. They mounted a huge comeback, only giving up one point as Counter-Terrorists and winning the game 16:10.

Next, the two seemingly weaker teams, Astralis and ALTERNATE aTTaX played each other on Nuke. The Major-ready Astralis started the first half a bit uncertainly, only winning out the first half by points, 9:6, however, once they got to play CT, Alternate had no chance at all. They lost 7 points straight and ultimately lost the match 16:6.

Up next, the winners played each other. Most people, still aware of SK Gaming’s strength in times long gone, would have bet on SK to win the game on Overpass, however, that is NOT what happened. Just like it usually is, the first half was somewhat narrowly won by SK Gaming (9:6) as Terrorists. Once Astralis got the chance to go on the offensive themselves, they delivered a stronger showing than their opponents, winning the half and the game 10:4. The end result of this match was Astralis 16:13 SK Gaming.

Now, trying to get the chance to face SK for a spot in the Playoffs, Natus Vincere had only one obstacle in their way, aTTaX. Who would be surprised if we told you that Na’Vi swept their opponents? Exactly nobody, I expect. The first game on Cobble was a total massacre, Na’Vi only gave up 3 points on their 12:3 first half, while the second match on Overpass started off more or less even, only for the CIS team to get into high gear and dominate aTTaX in the second half 8:1, to win the match 16:8.

If everything went as expected, Astralis would have been in this spot, facing either Na’Vi or SK, hoping to get into the Playoffs. Now, it wasn’t the case. Astralis were actually the ones who have qualified already. In this weird Group, SK and Na’Vi were the teams fighting for survival. The maps chosen to play in this match were Dust2, Train, and Nuke.

The first map of the series went in the favor of SK Gaming. They won the first half as Counter-Terrorists 9:6 and then swept Na’Vi’s defense attempts like yesterday’s rubble in the second half, 7:2. The second map, favored by SK, went quite evenly in the first half. CT-side Na’Vi held a 1 point advantage at the half, with 8 points to SK’s 7. When the Brazilians got to play CT, however, it all went wrong for the CIS heroes. Very very wrong. They didn’t win a single round. As a result, SK won the series 2-0 and qualified for the Playoffs as the second seed from Group C.