ELEAGUE Season 1 Semi-finals predictions

July 28, 2016 - Esports

If you remember, I predicted before the Quarter-finals, that Fnatic, Na’Vi, Astralis, and should move on to the Semi-finals. Ironically, probably the prediction which was most likely to come true, that Astralis will win over mousesports, fell flat, while the others were correct. Oh, well, apparently NiKo can do miracles when at least one teammate, like chrisJ, for example, supports him.

Going in order, the first teams to face each other will be Fnatic and Natus Vincere. Olofmeister, called the best player in the world before his injury, vs. GuardiaN, called the best AWPer in the world, pre-injury. It will definitely be interesting to see which of these giants will come out ahead in the match up. It’s also an extremely hard match to call because both teams used to be some of the best in the world, yet similarly fell from grace to a level which is close to each other.

I would be extremely surprised if this match ended in two maps because both teams are good enough to stand up to each other and experienced enough to not get whiplash from a defeat on the first match. With that said, I have to call it in favor of Fnatic. While Fnatic didn’t have too much trouble against the noticeably worse than before Team EnVyUs, Na’Vi had to go to three maps against friggin’ C9. Not Team Liquid, C9. What the hell is up with that? Whatever the case may be, it leads me to believe that Fnatic are in better form at the moment. I also like the organization more orange is soooo much cooler than yellow.

The second match of the day will have the polish facing off against mousesports, based in Germany. So many World War II jokes could be made about this matchup, yet I have a suspicion that they wouldn’t really make sense when watching the games because the Polish should be stronger for once. Yes, they don’t have the best player in the world, NiKo, but I suspect that what they DO have is enough talent overall to stop the Bosnian phenom from ripping them a new piehole.

The only situation, where mousesports win the match involves the rest of mousesports roster putting up inhuman performances together with NiKo, while also having players play their “meh” game or worse. While it would make for a great story for the best player in the world to play on a shitty team to carry the deadweight to victory not only in quarter-finals, but semis and grand finals, to win his first title, I doubt that this will happen. I would like to believe it but it probably won’t.

If I’m right, we will have Fnatic facing off in the finals. While this would definitely be a great achievement for, I don’t think it’s possible for them to step over Fnatic to claim the title. It would be a huge upset if they did, however. Let’s be honest, unless something drastic happens and the best team in the whole world, SK Gaming, loses form somehow, none of these teams will have a chance to take the title in Season 2.