Digital Chaos Victorious at ESL One Genting 2017

January 9, 2017 - Esports

The $250,000 USD ESL One Genting 2017 tournament wasn’t by any means the biggest tournament in Dota 2, the teams who played there were by no means the strongest lineup of competitors ever assembled, however, the $125,000 going to the Champion was still a considerable sum, even if small-ish by Dota 2 standards. With teams gearing up for the Kiev Major, this tournament was a suitable test for some of bigger and more successful teams in Dota 2. When the dust settled yesterday, the American Digital Chaos was the team to take the first prize.

For a while now, Digital Chaos was a very successful team, starting with The International 2016, where DC took 2nd place, only losing to wings gaming, to get $3,427,126 USD. After that, they participated in The Boston Major 2016, lacing 3-4th for $250,000 USD, and now winning ESL One Genting 2017 in Malaysia. The trend of success would imply that Digital Chaos are getting better in time. In their previous event, China Top 2016, they lost to Newbee 0:2, yet now, they managed to win in the Finals, 3:2. This would imply that either one of the two teams got better (or worse).

In the Group Stage of ESL One Cologne, Digital Chaos was placed in Group B with wings gaming, Execration and WarriorsGaming.Unity. Their first match against Execration had a result favorable to Digital Chaos. Then, after wings defeated their own opponents, WG.U, DC took revenge for the loss at The International 2016, winning the best of three series 2-1 and ensuring themselves the first place in the group and seeding against the 2nd team from Group A in the Playoffs.

As it turns out, was the team destined to face Digital Chaos in the Semifinals. In two games, they won the series and moved to the Finals, where their opponent depended on the outcome of the match between Newbee and wings gaming. Newbee won the series 2-1 and moved on to face the guys they beat just before the holidays. Just as we said before, Digital Chaos managed to defeat them after a long battle that took them 5 matches to win. While the series took 5 matches, it seems as if they were quite decisive in favor of one team or another. Dota 2 matches are known to take upwards of an hour quite frequently, however, in this series, they were over much more quickly in most cases.

With the win at ESL One Genting 2017, Digital Chaos padded their resume with the Kiev Major coming up. Hopefully, they will be able to not only play, but crush the first Valve-sponsored event held in a CIS country.