CS:GO eLeague Week Two Match Two Recap

June 2, 2016 - Esports

While G2 were strong favorites in this match, Selfless definitely put their all into fighting against the odds, starting with the first map – Cache. The first pistol round of the match was dominated by shox and RpK^. While G2 was ahead for most of the game, a small glimmer of hope appeared because of MAiNLiNE’s efforts in Round 4, where he got a triple kill. Unfortunately, bodyy answered it with a triple kill of his own on Round 5, to stop Selfless’ retake attempt. With the help of Nifty, the Selfless standout Relyks won the force buy Round 6 for Selfless. The next highlight of the game came on Round 13, when Relyks killed four people, with the last two getting caught while rotating with no smoke cover. When Round 15 came around, G2’s bodyy showed up once again, getting a triple kill and winning the first half for the team, 10-5.

The most incredible moment of the game came on the second pistol round, when Shox aced the Selfless lineup with his USP-S, killing everyone with head-shots. I don’t know about you, but it would be hard for me to recover from that. In Round 18, SmithZz was the star with his quadra kill in a 2v4 situation. The game slowed down until Round 24, when Selfless’ backs were against the wall, with G2 having 15 points. Fortunately for them, MAiNLiNE got a triple kill and saved the round for his team. Selfless managed to win the next round as well. On Round 26, Relyks showed up in a big away once again by getting a triple kill to try and dig his team out of the ditch they found themselves in, however, his efforts were ultimately in vain, because RpK^ got a triple kill and won the game for his team on Round 28.

The second match of the series took place on Cobblestone, starting with Selfless as Terrorists and G2 as CT. Selfless took the initiative at the beginning, winning the pistol round because of the efforts of MAiNLiNE and CoNn0rR9. Everything slowed down after that, with the next highlight play happening on Round 4, when Nifty performed an amazing AWP clutch alone, versus two G2 players. On Round 7, Relyks showed why he’s the scariest Selfless player in this matchup by getting a triple once again and taking a bombsite for himself. The action more or less calmed down after that. With Round 15 starting, the score was 6-8 in Selfless’ favor, when Shox put on his big boy pants and ripped a stunning triple kill while the bomb was being planted.

The second pistol round saw Selfless being run over by the combined efforts of SmithZz and Shox while entering the Bombsite B through the smoke. When Selfless tried to rush a site on Round 21, MAiNLiNE crushed the rush with a very nice double kill to keep the G2 squad at bay. On Round 22, bodyy vastly overperformed on entry by getting a double kill instead of trading, which actually happens quite often. With their backs against the wall on Round 24, Relyks denied G2 a match point by going on a rampage with his triple and repeating the feat on Round 26, when he got two kills from behind the fountain and stopped G2’s advance in its tracks. The clutch plays kept coming to keep Selfless in the game on Round 27 too, when Nifty used his AWP to stop two bomb plants. It was all for naught, however, because G2 finally rushed their opponents with force buy weapons to win the game for G2.