CS:GO eLeague Week Two Match Three Recap

June 2, 2016 - Esports

The most anticipated match of the day, in other words, best for last, was between NiP and G2. The first game was played on Train. NiP secured the first pistol round with an ACE by GeT_RiGhT, which was a great start. The second round didn’t go as you would expect, because G2 bought a couple of Desert Eagles, which helped them to actually win against NiP. The next highlight play happened on Round 6, when NiP’s Pyth got an awesome quadra kill. On Round 12, Scream stopped the NiP advance with a very nice triple kill, winning the round for his team. With the score being 10 to 4 in G2’s favor at the beginning of the 15th round, the teams had a huge fight at Back of B, where NiP killed three G2 players and lost 1, to win the round.

At the beginning of the second pistol round, NiP was trailing by 5 points. It only got worse from there, because boddy managed to get a double kill at the end of the round, closing it out in favor of G2. The next major piece of action happened on Round 20, when GeT_RiGhT got a double kill before dying and Pyth totally owned with an amazing spray triple kill. With their backs against the wall, NiP tried to hold on with Pyth getting 3 kills using AWP. Despite the Swedes’ efforts, boddy managed to get his team to the match point after getting a double kill, with Scream finally closed out the map on Round 25, after killing three people.

The second game of the series was played on Dust2, where NiP is probably at their best. True to form, they crushed G2 on the pistol round. On Round 4, we saw Friberg pulling off a crazy defuse at the last second, dying just after. Next round, G2 showed up with Shox at the front, getting an entry double kill and winning the round. On Round 6, GeT_RiGhT tried to win the game once more, getting an amazing triple kill before dying, however, Shox eventually prevailed over Xizt in a 1v1 standoff to win the round for G2. On Round 11, GeT_RiGhT got up to his usual heroics once again, saving the round with 3 kills, winning a 1v1 against boddy, and stopping him from planting the bomb. Round 12 was owned by PpK^, who took a great double kill and won his team the round.

With G2 ahead before the second pistol round, NiP had to start their comeback ASAP, however, it wasn’t to be, as the 2nd pistol round was foiled by PpK^, who stopped the long A rush in its tracks. Now in serious trouble, NiP tried to mobilize in order to win the game. On Round 19, Xizt managed to shut down a G2 retake with a double kill, GeT_RiGhT got an amazing double kill on entry to open up Bombsite A on Round 23, NiP even held on, when f0rest won a round in a 1v2 clutch situation with two Tec-9 headshots at A on Round 26, however, G2 eventually finished the game and killed NiP’s dreams on Round 28, winning the map and the series.

If you remember my predictions, you will probably point out that I thought a tie between NiP and G2 to be quite likely. I admit it, I was wrong. Sue me. Whatever the case may be, it was an amazing day of CS:GO matches, full of exciting moments and clutch outplays. Come back tomorrow to read about Wednesday’s matches too.