CS:GO eLeague Week Two Match One Recap

June 2, 2016 - Esports

The first match of the day took place in Cobblestone, with NiP playing as Terrorists and OpTic trying their hand at CT. The pistol round was carried by GeT_RiGhT-A-, who picked up 3 kills. Pyth got two more, resulting in the elimination of OpTic. The GeT_RiGhT-A- show continued on Round 3, when he stopped two entry attempts with friberg acting as a convenient side-kick, picking up two kills as well. On round 6, NAF-FLY brought one round for OpTic with his awesome triple kill, however, the score was still 4-2, with OpTic losing. The GeT_RiGhT-A- show scheduled one more performance on Round 8 with a great double entry kill, which created an opening for a bomb plant. Mixwell shone on Round 14, picking up a very nice triple kill by sniping pyth from the Stairs, then moving back a little bit while switching to a pistol, head-shotting friberg, and finally no-scoping Xizt through the smallest gap possible. The next highlight play came at the hands of daps, who stopped Xizt after the Ninja in Pyjamas picked up two kills and continued to kill the rest of the Ninjas off.

The second pistol round saw Xizt on T side dominating with three kills to secure the win for NiP. Round 17 was the continuation of GeT_RiGhT-A- show with a shotgun triple kill before he was finally brought down by daps, who followed it up with a head-shot on pyth. Round 19 had pyth going off with an AWP triple kill to all but secure the match in NiP’s favor. The Ninjas won this match on Round 20 with GeT_RiGhT-A- shooting two enemies in the back after they just passed him by and f0rest finishing OpTic off at T Main with a double kill.

The second match between OpTic and NiP took place on Train, with NiP as Terrorists and OpTic starting on the CT side. The pistol round had NiP planting the bomb before getting shut down by RUSH. In Round 3, NiP found their first win of the match with GeT_RiGhT-A- and f0rest having 2 eliminations and pyth killing the last CT standing, NAF-FLY. In Round 4, Xizt is left 1v2 at Bombsite A. He wallbanged daps before getting killed by stanislaw, despite the OpTic player being outmatched with a pistol against Xizt’s AK-47. With the win on Round 4, OpTic buy on Round 5. NiP are forced to go with pistols. In a mirror from the round before, NiP win this one. In Round 8, pyth got a double kill on entry into Bombsite A before finally being stopped by RUSH, which resulted in a bomb plant later. Round 13 was a performance from GeT_RiGhT-A-, where he got three eliminations to secure the round in NiP’s favor and widening the lead against the underdogs – OpTic.

In the second pistol round of the match, CT-sided NiP went to A to meet their opponents, where f0rest set the mood for the rest of the match with three kills in short succession, all headshots. Soon after, he got kicked out of the game and the match had to be stopped. I suppose that somebody thought themselves to be funny or something. On Round 17, with with things not going as they should have, pyth saved the situation by picking up a triple to save the situation. GeT_RiGhT-A- got up to his usual shenanigans on round 19, getting a quadra kill and pulling off one more win for NiP, making it 14-5. To save themselves from the embarrassment of losing all rounds on the T side, OpTic were basically trying to get at least one. They succeeded in Round 21, when stanislaw cleaned up with his AK-47, killing GeT_RiGhT-A- and head-shotting pyth. OpTic were on a bit of a comeback after on the back of stanislaw’s efforts, making the score 15 to 9 on Round 25, however, they didn’t manage to execute the unlikely climb. NiP won the match, 16-10.