CS:GO eLeague Week Two Day Two Selfless vs. NiP Recap

June 3, 2016 - Esports

Coming back to play after their disappointing loss vs. G2, Ninjas in Pyjamas were probably determined to destroy all other opponents they faced. The Swedes were certainly favored to win this match against Selfless, so the biggest enemy they had to defeat was themselves. In cases like this, the worst thing that could happen is taking your opponent lightly. That is how major upsets happen.

Map One – Cobblestone

NiP got up to a bad start after failing to rush down their less famous opponents in the first pistol round, potentially setting themselves up for losing two more rounds before they could fight their enemies on even footing. This is precisely what happened, because when the first gun round (4) came around, NiP were trailing 0 to 3. NiP execute their gun round strategy perfectly, starting to come back. In the next round, pyth continued to boost his team by getting a triple on entry, basically getting one more point for his team. The struggle for dominance continued on the next round, the pendulum swinging towards NiP more and more, as friberg got a quad kill to win one more round for his team and equalizing the score, 3-3.

In later rounds, Selfless managed to stop NiP’s momentum, winning two rounds, however NiP game back on Round 9, winning after GeT_RiGhT got a double kill on entry and Xizt brought it home from there. The fight for each match point continued , with NiP equalizing the score and getting a small lead, with Xizt taking the initiative to make something happen.

This time, Ninjas in Pyjamas managed to sustain their momentum, winning four more rounds before the last round of the half was to start, when Selfless rallied and managed to eek out a victory over the Swedish organization, with the score of 9-6 in Ninja’s favor.

The second pistol round went to Selfless once again, which didn’t bode well for Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Americans predictably bought some SMGs and a couple of AK-47s after that, planning to play an anti-eco round, which turned out great for them, because they managed to win one more, now trailing behind by one match point. They followed that up with one more win, when f0rest stopped it by winning the 19th round in a 1v1 against MiTcH. Armed with a shotgun, pyth killed two people and ensured one more win for his team, which started the final roll by the Swedes, with their American opponents not managing to win a single round after.

Map Two – Cache

The first half of Cache went in a surprising manner, with Selfless dominating for seven rounds, only giving up one win to NiP, when one of the oldest franchises in CS:GO started their comeback with Xizt opening up a site with a triple kill on Round 8 and f0rest stopping the Selfless squad with an AWP double kill, making it 6 to 3, in Selfless’ favor. Following those two rounds, NiP kept slowly coming back into the game, with the first half of play on Cache ending with 7 wins for Ninjas in Pyjamas and 8 for Selfless. While that may look unimpressive, remember that the first 7 rounds went terribly badly for the Swedes.

The second pistol round of the map makes me think that NiP are neglecting their pistol skills, as they lost it once again, with NiFtY and MiTcH getting 2 kills each. Finally, to clinch the pistol round in his team’s favor, NiFtY got one over GeT_RiGhT-A-. Following their 2nd pistol round loss, NiP were understandably forced to save. The third round of the second half had Selfless buying 3 AK-47s to rip through the NiP lineup. CoNn0rRr93 got a triple kill with his assault rifle. NiFtY, sporting an SMG and Deagle, got two more to finish the round. NiP – 7, Selfless 11.

At this point, Ninjas in Pyjamas weren’t in a very good spot at all. If they wanted to have any chance of winning the map, they had to start rallying. This is precisely what happened when f0rest got a double kill while defending Bombsite B from 4 Selfless players, making enough time for the rest of the team to appear. Following that, Ninjas started coming back, with f0rest managing to hold off the Selfless squad for long enough to make them run out of time and losing the round. Being a Terrorist can suck sometimes. Ninjas followed the f0rest time-waste heroics with two more wins to equalize the score, when GeT_RiGhT-A- controlled his M4 spray perfectly, to kill CoNn0rRr93, NiFtY, and MiTcH, before dying to MaiNLiNE. Even though GTR died, the removal of three enemies helped the rest of the team cleanup, with f0rest finishing off the last member of Selfless, Relyks.

NiP kept their momentum on the next round when they managed to retake Bombsite A 2v1 and defuse the bomb, to get the score up to 13-11 in their favor. Pyjama fans kept their momentum, winning one more round. On Round 26, Selfless managed to plant the bomb in B. Then, they successfully defended the site 2v3, to start nipping at the heals of NiP. Unfortunately, their efforts weren’t successful. NiP won two more rounds for match point and clinched the win with 2 more rounds to play. Pyth showed up big with a quad kill at forklift.

We have to admit, we didn’t expect this match to be so close. NiP is supposed to be better than this. It might be that they simply underestimated Selfless, it could be that Ninjas are starting their fall from grace. Whatever the case may be, it means some exciting times for CS:GO fans because close games are way more fun to watch.

Despite losing, Selfless players should be proud of themselves. They managed to fight against one of the best CS:GO teams in the world. I’m sure they saw some things they could improve to get even better at the game. Who knows, maybe when NiP faces Selfless again, the result will be even more surprising, dare we say it, even upsetting?