CS:GO eLeague Week Two Day Two OpTic vs. Selfless Recap

June 3, 2016 - Esports

The last matchup of the CS:GO eLeague Week Two Day Two was between OpTic Gaming and Selfless. Much less hyped than the final match of Day One, this showdown wasn’t as exciting to watch too.

Map One – Cobblestone

The first pistol round was dominated by mixwell, armed with a Tec-9 and running Armor to protect himself from Selfless’ bullets. Alive 1v3, he managed to ace the Selfless squad and get his team a great start for the game. Selfless kept having problems losing 8 to naught, when OpTic’s Rush picked up three kills on enemies and one on his teammate, mixwell. It was a headshot too. Selfless won their first round when trailing 11 to 0, with no realistic hope of coming back on that map, with MAiNLiNE and NiFtY playing a huge part in this face-saving win.

The second pistol round started with the score of 14-1. RUSH and NAF-FLY won it for their team in a 2v4 situation, nabbing the match point on Round 16. Which is totally crazy. In either case, it didn’t take long for OpTic to win 16-1, on Round 17. The total annihilation of Selfless was honestly hard to watch.



Map Two – Mirage

Trying to redeem themselves from the blow out on the previous map, Selfless got a good start with Relyks getting a quad kill during the pistol round. They took advantage, winning the following two rounds, their winning spree up for grabs on Round 4, with a 1v1 faceoff between NiFtY and daps, which was won by faps, unfortunately for Selfless. With that first point, OpTic started to ready their forces for a comeback. It wasn’t very successful, as the score was 3 to 6 after 9 rounds. It got better for OpTic when mixwell decided to start shooting people, as he carried his team for 2 rounds, when finally, Relyks responded in kind, stopping OpTic from equalizing the score.

Despite Selfless’ efforts to hold the OpTic squad’s comeback, their opponents were still gaining slowly but surely, coming within one point with a force buy on Round 13. OpTic still kept trailing on Round 20, though they managed to win that round, making it 9 to 11. The comeback dream got squashed for a bit, when Selfless won the next round.

After that, OpTic started winning more rounds than they lost, slowly getting closer and closer to their opponents, culminating on Round 29, which was played with a tied score, with OpTic ultimately winning it and going on to take away the final round of the map too.

With the way Cobblestone played out, I would have never believed you if you told me that Mirage will be so close. I would have been wrong to doubt you. This match between two outsiders was a true roller coaster of emotions. We felt excited about OpTic’s domination in Cobble and sad for Selfless and then, the North American teams threw us a curveball by having an incredibly close match on Mirage, proving that Selfless are indeed the lions their logo proclaim them to be. Even though they lost, the fight they gave OpTic was worth espect.