CS:GO eLeague Week Two Day Two OpTic vs. G2 Recap

June 3, 2016 - Esports

With the first day of the second week of CS:GO eLeague over, the event continued on Wednesday, with the match between OpTic Gaming and G2 Esports. The first map of the Best of Two series was Train, while the second game took place on Nuke.

Map One – Train

The pistol round was won by G2 Esports, with bodyy getting a triple kill and SmithZz planting the bomb. G2 used their advantage gained from the first win and a bomb plant to secure four more rounds against the North American team, when ScreaM dashed his opponents dreams by getting a very nice entry double kill. RpK^ planted the bomb soon after and G2 made the game 6-0 in their favor.

OpTic finally picked off a point after buying pistols + AWP against a full buy from the French team, after mixwell used his Desert Eagle for maximum effect with a triple kill. OpTic continued their choo-choo train comeback on the next round, with NAF-FLY at the helm, making the score 6-2 in G2’s favor. It didn’t last long, however. Having 3 P250s, and AK-47 and a Deagle, G2 won the 9th round vs. full buy OpTic.

The Canadians’ hopes for a comeback were dashed after that, because G2 won two more rounds in quick succession. OpTic managed to get a point, however, the score still was 11 to 3 in G2 Esports’ favor, when the last round of the half came around. G2 planted the bomb, NAF-FLY was the only one left standing vs. two G2 players. He outplayed one of them, killed the other at managed to defuse the bomb at the last second. The score was G2 Esports – 11, OpTic Gaming – 4 as the first half of the first game ended.

In the second half, NAF-FLY continued trying to pull out his team out of the swamp by the beard when he got a great entry double kill and helped OpTic to win the all-important pistol round. His team took advantage, winning four more rounds to make the score 11 to 9, when Shox put his big boy pants on and performed a clutch piece of heroics to defuse the bomb and get one more win for the G2 squad. When Round 28 came around, both teams were practically equal, with G2 having 14 points vs. OpTic’s 13. Stanislaw showed up in this round, by getting two essential kills and defeating bodyy in a 1v1, to win the round and equalize the score. G2 answered this by bring it to match point. It all came down to round 30, where a win for G2 would win them the map and if OpTic prevailed, they would have brought the map to overtime. Unfortunately for OpTic, shox brought it home for G2 with a great triple kill, ending in a no-scope AWP frag.

Map Two – Nuke

The first pistol round was quite exciting when RUSH… rushed down the French, getting a quad kill and setting up his roster for success in the next several rounds. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened, because G2 managed to win the second round with various pistols against OpTic’s buy of SMGs with an AK-47 on daps. With OpTic’s economy in tatters, G2 managed to win 7 more rounds. Daps finally stopped G2’s roll with upgraded pistols, against full buy on the French squad. That was the end of OpTic’s comeback attempt, because G2 won the half 13 to 2, with SmithZz by getting a quad kill.

OpTic got the second pistol round 2v1 against bodyy, who planted the bomb. The Canadians used their numbers advantage to defuse the bomb and win the round. After that OpTic managed to win one more round, however, it was beyond easy for G2 to get those 3 rounds they needed to clinch the series.

While the teams were going neck to neck on Train, we were surprised at the total death and destruction G2 managed to deliver upon their Canadian opponents on Nuke. matches like that can stay with you for a long time, we just hope that OpTic players won’t take it too hard and manage to use it as motivation to get better.