CS:GO eLeague Week One Finals Map Two Recap

June 1, 2016 - Esports

Continuing our recap of the eLeague Week One Final between Luminosity and Cloud9, we will cover the turning points of the match. If you haven’t read the first part of this recap, you can do it by clicking this LINK. To summarize, Luminosity faced off against C9 on one of their best maps and lost in an exciting upset, with n0thing and Stewie2K showing up in a big way.

Now, losing by one, Luminosity tries to come back on Cobblestone, a map that favors Terrorists in pro matches, with Luminosity starting as CT. The first three rounds saw Luminosity losing the pistol round and having to save in order to buy on Round 4. This round saw FalleN show up in a big way. C9 took position on Bombsite B,  FalleN with an AWP, fer with a FAMAS, and half-dead coldzera:v with an AWP tried to retake the position vs. Slemmy and shroud armed with AK-47 and Skadoodle with an AWP. coldzera:v died quickly at the beginning of the engagement, leaving LG 2v3. C9 lay down cover with Smoke Grenades in an effort to plant the bomb more or less safely. While shroud was planting the bomb, FalleN found a kill on Skadoodle, while fer sprayed into the smoke, hoping to hit the player who was planting the bomb. While that wasn’t successful, FalleN did pick off Slemmy immediately after the bomb got planted, with fer getting the better of shroud. Fallen disarmed the bomb and won that round.

The next highlight took place on round six. Having won the fifth round, Luminosity was looking to equalize the score. At the beginning of the fight, fnx picked off shroud with a FAMAS, only to die to Stewie2K a little bit later. Then, coldzera:v wall-banged n0thing, Skadoodle took revenge with his AWP, Stewie2K killed TACO from behind, only to die like Cecil the lion at FalleN’s hands a second or two later, with Slemmy soon to follow. Now, Skadoodle was 1v2 with an AWP in his hands vs. the AWP-wielding FalleN and fer with an M4 at the fountain in Bombsite B. FalleN and fer were hiding behind the rock, trying to find and angle and take out Skadoodle. What followed was some great AWP-ing. FalleN peeked to hopefully take out his opponent, only to die instead, as the C9 AWPer was already out of cover and ready when FalleN walked out. Then, fer rushed forwards, however, Skadoodle remained calm and shot him down.

The next highlight play happened on Round 10, with Luminosity trailing 3 to 6. FalleN sneaked outside, found Stewie2K crouching behind the wall near Bombsite B and immediately shot him. Then, coldzera:v took out n0thing, while shroud walked into the waiting arms of fnx, only to get shot in the head with an M4. Skadoodle was creeping around at Drop, when FalleN shot him as soon as he showed at the window, to win the round.

After losing the 10th round, Cloud9 were forced to save, only buying pistols, while Luminosity were armed to the teeth with an M4, a couple of AK-47s stolen from C9, and a couple of AWPs. C9 tried to rush A with 4 players. They were met by fer, who managed to spray-kill two of them before getting killed by Slemmy. LG quickly mobilised to stop the C9 push. Fnx manned up and killed the last three C9 players to win the round.

Skadoodle showed up in Round 12. First, he got fer with an AK47 in a 3v5 situation near Bombsite A. Then, he found a kill on coldzera:v, while Slemmy gunned down fnx, and clutched like a boss, putting away TACO and finally dispatching FalleN for a quadra kill.

On Round 13, with the score 5-7 in C9’s favor, Cloud9 tried to take Bombsite B as four, with only TACO and coldzera:v there to defend it, as fnx and fer were over at Bombsite A. N0thing tried to enter through the side door, finding two LG players there. Stewie2K took the responsibility of entry but got killed by coldzera:v. Then, TACO sprayed down Skadoodle with Slemmy nearby, however he didn’t really have the shot, so he moved on and killed n0thing with a pistol. By that point, fnx reached the site, only to get shot in the head by Slemmy’s AK-47, however, coldzera:v took immediate revenge to win the round, making the score 6 to 7 in Cloud9’s favor with 2 rounds to play.

Luminosity managed to clinch Round 14, equalizing the score. In the last round of the first half on Cobblestone, C9 decided to try and take Bombsite B. A major fight happened in the Tunnelds, with fer killing shroud and trying to do the same to n0thing, only to die for his trouble. Nearby, Stewie2K took care of fnx. Slemmy found and blinded TACO at T Main, dispatching him with a CZ75-Auto, while coldzera:v sniped n0thing out of the air in the Lower Tunnel. Then, he tried to no-scope Stewie2K but missed, falling to Slemmy soon after. Then, FalleN decimated Stewie2K while he was entering the B bombsite, only to face Skadoodle, armed with an AK-47, in close range. It turned out as it should have – with FalleN dead and C9 winning the round, 7 to 8, with 15 more rounds to go.

The first half of Cobblestone was dominated by FalleN, fer, and coldzera:v on the Luminosity side, while Skadoodle, shroud, and Slemmy showed up for C9. The surprising thing was that n0thing and Stewie2K were way less noticeable, keeping in mind their commanding performance on Mirage.

The second half of the match started with a Luminosity 3-0ing C9 as Terrorirsts. The first gun round, with fnx and FalleN dead already and the bomb planted, C9 scrambled to defuse. Coldzera:v shot n0thing in the head, while TACO caught a Defuse Kitted Skadoodle at Long A. Slemmy jumped out of the stairway to Long A almost before Skadoodle’s body hit the ground and took revenge for his teammate. Then, coldzera:v got a nice headshot on Slemmy coming from Long A into Bombsite A, making it a 2 vs. 2. Fer had the high-ground on Bombsite A, killing shroud. The outcome of this round depended on the showdown between fer (AK-47) and Stewie2K, armed with an M4. Stewie2K found his opponent in the balcony and shot him, wiping the Luminosity line-up. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to defuse the bomb, so Luminosity still won with Stewie2K being the only player to still have his weapon at the end of the round.

The next highlight play happened on Round 21, with Luminosity leading by 2, 11 – 9. With fnx dead, Luminosity players were facing all five members of Cloud9. Luminosity attempted to enter Bombsite A through mid, where Skadoodle was waiting with his trusty AWP, finding a kill on FalleN. Luminosity threw their Molotovs, but that didn’t stop Slemmy from killing fer just before he got blinded. Once it wore off, Slemmy left his hiding place and killed coldzera:v, winning the round.

Round 24 saw 2 Cloud9 members, Slemmy and Skadoodle, up by one round (11-12), vs. FalleN, fer, and coldzera:v. The Terrorists (LG) planted the bomb with the help of smokes. Skadoodle sniped FalleN down, Skadoodle and Slemmy had it out for each other in the smoke, shooting blindly at first and then running around with no vision with their knives out, trying to stab each other. Meanwhile, Skadoodle was at the Side Door, where he noticed coldzera:v and shot him with CZ75-Auto, while killing fer with a headshot immediately after. With all Terrorists dead, he then went to the bomb and quickly defused it.

Skipping 4 rounds ahead, in Round 29, Luminosity was ahead 15 to 13 with two members down already. FalleN was sneaking to get an angle inside Bombside B through the smoke, when Stewie2K mowed him down with his M4A1-S. Next, n0thing found coldzera:v with his back turned and immediately killed him due to awesome pre-targetting. Then, he backed off a bit, threw a grenade and waited for fnx to come, killing him too and giving C9 a much needed win.

C9 managed to win the 30th round, equalizing the score and forcing overtime.. The first round of OT. Luminosity tried to fake an attack on A by throwing grenades there, while TACO attempted to sneak to B. Unfortunately, shroud spotted some players, killing fnx and taking care of FalleN as well. Coming out of Connector, fer killed shroud, TACO took care of Stewie2K, but n0thing killed fer soon after Stewie2K went down, leaving 3 C9 players vs. a lone bomb-carrying TACO. The Terrorist tried to plant the bomb, however, it wasn’t successful because n0thing met this affront with lethal force, assuring C9’s victory in this round.

On the second round of overtime, Cloud 9 smoked tunnels; however, that didn’t stop coldzera:v. He blindly killed n0thing. Coming up the Tunnel Stairs, Slemmy was welcomed by three Luminosity players and died immediately by fer’s hand. Skadoodle tried entering the Upper Tunnels. Outside, another tense face off was taking place, when shroud almost discovered TACO’s position, only to see and kill FalleN a second later, while fer killed Skadoodle in the Upper Tunnels. Left 1 vs. 4, shroud was hunted down. Luminosity won the round, equalizing the score once again.

The third round of overtime saw a killing spree by FalleN tearing up the C9 ranks. Stewie2K fell to FalleN’s AWP near the Side Door, fer killed n0thing in the smoke in Lower Tunnel. In Bombsite B, Skadoodle tried to peek for enemies, only to get killed by coldzera:v. Then, Slemmy crept in the Connector, finding a kill on fer through the window and going on towards Bombsite B, only to get shot and killed by FalleN’s AWP, winning the round for Luminosity, 17-16.

The last two rounds of overtime were an example of what a world-class team like Luminosity can do when they play seamlessly together, resulting in Cloud 9 losing Cobblestone 16 to 19. It’s weird that Luminosity lost the map they themselves picked, while winning the one preferred by their opponents.

With C9 winning Mirage and Luminosity conquering Cobblestone, this amazing ELEAGUE Week One Final will go to map 3, de_dust2. You will be able to read our recap of this match tomorrow. We will also cover the group matches from Week Two of ELEAGUE, where NiP will play vs. OpTic, G2 will face Selfless, and, finally, NiP will battle G2.