CS:GO eLeague Week One Finals Map Three Recap

June 2, 2016 - Esports

With the overtime win in the second map going to Luminosity, C9’s back was against the wall on the final map of the series – Dust2. While this map favored C9 because Luminosity was always average at best when playing it, recent trends showed improvement on the Brazilian's end.

The pistol round started with 3 Luminosity players using Glock-18 and Armor, with the support of coldzera:v and FalleN sporting 3 Grenades each, going for Bombsite B through the Upper Tunnel. Their were met by Slemmy, sporting a Smoke and a P2000, with Stewie2K nearby. The Luminosity horde found a kill on Slemmy. Unfortunately, Stewie2K was too far away to help. Stewie2K entered through B doors, with n0thing flanking through the window. A Smoke went down before Stewie2K could be focused by the whole enemy team.

Using the cover, he moved forwards, headshotting fer and fnx in short order, before you got killed by TACO. Meanwhile, Skadoodle was moving through the Tunnel to flank Luminosity from behind, with shroud finally reaching the B site from Mid. The upcoming fight looked to be a 2v3, however, FalleN was barely alive. Skadoodle picked off coldzera:v and fell back, while TACO planted the bomb for the Terrorists, which bode some bad news for the Cloud 9 squad in the second round we will talk about that later. After the bomb plant, TACO went outside the Bombsite through the window, where shroud was waiting to escape kill, while FalleN stayed inside to protect the bomb. Unfortunately, Skadoodle chose that moment to storm the Bombsite, killing FalleN, while shroud took out TACO at the same time. With more than enough time left, C9 disarmed the bomb and won the round.

Due to the bomb plant in round 1, FalleN had enough money to afford a Scout. To supplement that, TACO, fnx, and fer bought P250s, while coldzera:v got a Tec-9, forgoing armor and grenades altogether. On the opposite side, Cloud 9 had 4 SMGs with full armor and grenades, with Skadoodle choosing to go for a Scout as well. While TACO went through the Tunnels to check Bombsite B, the rest of the team made their way to A, covering the Scout-wielding FalleN. Scoped on the Short Stairs, FalleN carefully scouted (scouted, get it?) the A bombsite, finding shroud and shooting him the head through a wall and doing the same to poor Skadoodle soon after. Needless to say, Luminosity planted the bomb. Meanwhile, TACO was stuck against multiple enemies in Mid. He killed n0thing, took some potshots at Stewie2K at Catwalk, who was between a rock and a hard place with fer coming from A. Worried about Slemmy’s FAMAS, TACO fell back almost to his spawn, while coldzera:v came out through the Long Doors and got him with his Tec-9. 1v5, Stewie2K tried to fight fer, which didn’t go very well for him.

On Round 6, with the score being 4 to 1 in Luminosity’s favor, Stewie2K and n0thing guarded Bombsite B, while Skadoodle and Slemmy watched A, with fer, TACO, fnx, and coldzera:v going for it from various sides. Skadoodle went off in Long A, sniping coldzera:v at Long A Doors, getting fnx coming through Short A, and finally dying to TACO’s AK-47. N0thing and Stewie2K moved from B to defend A through Mid Doors, where they were met by fer, who sprayed n0thing and left a sliver of health on Stewie2K before dying. Meanwhile, TACO took a very long shot down Long A to headshot Slemmy. As a last ditch effort, Stewie2K threw his Molotov and Flash in an effort to ambush TACO, however, it didn’t work too well because the Luminosity player was hidden from view when the barely-alive CT entered A. TACO just left cover and promptly killed him, winning one more round.

The next highlight play happened on Round 9, with the score being 7 to 1 in Luminosity’s favor. Luminosity walked down Mid to take B against a lone n0thing, who popped a Smoke to provide himself some cover. Getting out of the smoke, he found coldzera:v barely alive, killed him. Then he tried to continue his spray on FalleN, however, his efforts failed when the Brazilian shot him in the head with a pistol. At that time, Stewie2K was up on the boxes near the Hole, guarding B Doors from entry. Getting down, he peeked through the door and sniped TACO with n0thing’s AWP, only to die by fnx’s hand, when he appeared from Upper Tunnel. Fnx planted the bomb, FalleN came to help defend the area from Slemmy and shroud, backtracking all the way from positions near A. Guarding against entry through B Doors, low-health fnx died to Slemmy, while FalleN sniped shroud, who was trailing after his teammate. Slemmy peeked out a little bit behind a box and that was enough information for FalleN to wallbang the last CT alive.

Round 12. 10 – 1 in Luminosity’s favor in a match that looked to be a total blowout. Skadoodle was guarding A against 3 Luminosity players coming through Short A with a FAMAS. Coldzera got a streak going with his AWP. Shroud and Slemmy were in CT start, trying to find an angle to enter A vs. 3 Luminosity players. N0thing was moving to help his teammates defend when FalleN sniped spotted and killed him through Mid Doors. Slemmy and Shroud elected to take the Short A route, when their efforts were put on a timer by the bomb plant from T side. FalleN came in from Catwalk to guard mid. Tried to find a kill on the CTs but missed, dying to shroud’s M4. With fnx back at spawn and coldzera:v looking down mid through the door, Slemmy and shroud were in a very bad spot. Coldzera:v just killed shroud with his AWP and then switched to his Tec-9, getting a kill on the last CT standing as well.

Another highlight took place on Round 16, with C9 trailing by 13, 14-1. On the CT side, Luminosity was trying to defend an A take vs. the C9 team.N0thing went on a spree with his Glock-18, headshotting coldzera:v. Skadoodle took the opportunity to place the bomb. Fer moved towards Long A from his spawn, to try and 1v2. He successfully killed Skadoodle, but n0thing got the better of him immediately after, winning the round.

On Round 18, Cloud9 was on a bit of a longshot comeback with their backs against the wall. Defending Long A, FalleN took out Slemmy with his Scout, while the rest of LG except for TACO, who was defending B, went down the Short Stairs. Stewie2K jumped on the box, fnx took the shot, hitting him out of the air with a Deagle headshot. At this point, Skadoodle was in Lower Tunnels, shroud moving towards Long A and n0thing carrying the bomb towards Long A, with CTs camped out around A and lone TACO left to guard B. Even then, the lone wolf started moving towards A. Skadoodle moved through the mid Doors, catching Fallen just outside CT spawn, n0thing went to Short A, finding coldzera:v near Short Stairs. He tried to move for a peek, but got mowed down by the Deagle. Following his teammate, Skadoodle tried the same, with similar results. Last man standing, shroud went down Long A, but got caught and killed by coldzera:v, who was waiting for precisely that. 15-3, one more win and Luminosity would move to eLeague playoffs.

After that, C9 rallied with their backs against a wall, mostly carried by Stewie2K’s impressive play. They were down six points on Round 25, when they decided to take B, guarded by TACO and coldzera:v. Their entry was successful, with shroud picking off TACO. LG immediately rallied, with fer coming down the T Ramp and the remaining 3 CTS staying around Mid with bomb planted at B. Stewie2K took the initiative, peeking out of the Hole towards Mid, spraying at FalleN, only to die from the Brazilian's pistol. Skadoodle aimed into the Upper Tunnels with his AWP from B, with fnx and fer coming close. Both CTs appeared at the same time with a little bit of distance between them. Skadoodle missed the shot and died. Shroud moved out of his hiding spot behind the car, guarding B doors and Hole. When Skadoodle died, shroud tried to engage the Brazilians but his attempts weren’t successful. He died to fnx’s M4. Luminosity won the match and moved to eLeague Play-offs.

This series was quite perplexing. Luminosity was supposed to win Mirage but lost, C9 is better at Cobblestone but hey lost. C9 usually does better than LG on on Dust2, however, they got blown out starting with the FalleN’s Scout shenanigans on Round 2. Even then, the comeback attempt was extremely admirable, as most players would have just given up once their opponents managed to get such a commanding lead.