CS:GO eLeague Week One Finals Map One Recap

May 30, 2016 - Esports

The first map in the finals of eLeague Week One was Mirage, with Luminosity facing off against C9. While Luminosity were strong favorites on their best map, not many competitive CS:GO fans would have expected what happened after the match started.

Round 1 saw Luminosity on Terrorist side, while C9 started the game as CT, gaining a small advantage, as Mirage favors the CT side a little bit. Whatever the case may be, C9, with Stewie2k at the forefront of the fight, ripped through Luminosity, making it 3 to 0 against the favorites. Round 4, the first face-off where both teams bought properly, saw FalleN fearlessly opening up bomb sites and making way for his team to win the next three rounds. On Round 7, Skadoodle got boxed in at Sniper’s Nest. He managed to kill 3 members of Luminosity with his trusty AWP, only to watch as the bomb exploded despite that. At this point, LG won 4 rounds in a row, allowing them to keep buying despite some people dying. Skadoodle survived all of them, keeping his expensive weapon and even getting some kills. Unfortunately, it was all for naught, as he couldn’t pull out a win for his team.

Round 8 was finally won by C9, evening out the score. Skadoodle went off like a rocket, killing people all over the place. Round 10 saw FalleN up to his usual ballsy antics at bombsite B. LG planted the bomb, however, n0thing and Stewie2K managed to gain control of the area. One of the most hilarious episodes happened at this point. Taco took position in a corner of Bombsite B, when he saw n0thing backing in towards him. He carefully moved back together with his opponent, switched to a knife, waited for a fraction of a second and knifed him in the back, only to immediately get mowed down by Stewie2K’s AWP, allowing CT to win the round.

After that, LG had to save for the first time since Round 3. Despite TACO’s jumping headshot antics, C9 did win. In the next engagement, Stewie2K tore up the place, killing Brazillians all over the place and bringing another win home. Round 13 was a gun round again. Unfortunately for the reigning Major champions, n0thing, with the assistance of Stewie2k, went on a gung-ho killing spree, pushing Luminosity down once again. On Round 15, Luminosity did a nice fake out, acting as if they were going for Bombsite B, only to rush into A and get the win, to make the score 6-9 in C9’s favor before the second part of the match.

Overall, n0thing and Stewie2K showed up in this half of the match with a nice contribution from Skadoodle. Some people said that n0thing was… nothing, he showed them wrong. We were happy to see that Stewie2K was having a good game too. On the Terrorist side of things, the most prolific fragger was TACO, with fnx and coldzera:v bringing up the back.

The second part of the match was played with LG as CT and C9 as Terrorists, obviously. C9 decided to rush Bombsite B but LG turned it around, successfully defending and managing to defuse the bomb. On Round 17, C9 used their extra bomb-plant gold to get P250s in an effort to do something against Luminosity’s SMG setup, which didn’t turn out very well for them. Round 18 was different from Round 3, as C9 used the cash they got from the bomb plant in the 17th round to get themselves assault rifles. It doesn’t succeed, as LG wins the round and equalizes the score. C9 strategy in round 19 called for smoke bomb cover to rush A and plant the bomb before dying. It succeeded, however, LG managed to kill them all and disarm the bomb. In round 20, Luminosity used their favored Double AWP strategy. FalleN patiently waited for enemies, however, he moved away at precisely the wrong time. When he came back to the spot, he was met with 3 C9 players. He did manage to kill Stewie2K before getting gunned down by Slemmy. N0thing also made a great play when he sprayed to people standing in the same place and proceeded to kill coldzera:v too. C9 won the round, meaning that Luminosity bought the forbiddingly expensive AWPs for nothing.

Before Round 23, Luminosity took a Tactical Timeout to try and regroup before the most important part of the match, however, it didn’t help, as C9 won the round. LG were forced to save on Round 24. At the end of it, FalleN was the only Brazillian standing vs. three C9 players, however, no clutch shenanigans happened, as he was quite low. Round 25 saw another attempt by Luminosity Gaming to use their Double AWP setup. FalleN took out n0thing, fer killed Slemmy at Bombsite A, fnx successfully sprayed Skadoodle down at A, and casually took out Stewie2K, while FalleN sniped down shroud, to win the round. Finally, Double AWP was a success. Round 26 saw TACO killing shroud 2v4, S;emmy picked up two kills. Fler tried to flank C9, however, he only died for his trouble with n0thing killing him and winning the round for Cloud9, making it 11-15 with the underdogs in the lead.

The last round of the game had the Luminosity squad in a very different situation, where they in-game leader and one of the best AWPers in the world was forced to use a shotgun. Despite that, FalleN managed to kill Stewie2K while blinded by a Flashbang before dying at Slemmy’s hands. Fnx picked up a couple of kills, died from n0thing, while his teammate shroud shot TACO and coldzera:v to death to clinch the map in C9’s favor, upsetting the favorites and putting them in a difficult spot with two maps remaining.