Coach Zonic to sub for Astralis’ karrigan due to visa issues

June 8, 2016 - Esports

Astralis starts playing in eLeague today. The problem is that their lineup won’t be full at the beginning, as one of the players, karrigan, is having some problems entering the United States of America. His place will be taken by the coach of the team, zonic, which could seriously impede the team’s performance.

Karrigan is having problems due to a change to ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), made in January. At that time, the United States State Department included a restriction for entrance into the country for those, who had entered Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria after the 1st of March, 2011. The change was put in place to make entrance into the US more difficult for possible terrorists.

The whole situation is messed up, however there’s hope for karrigan, as the Secretary of Homeland Security can allow entrance into the US to people who entered the countries for legitimate business reasons. Apparently, karrigan fits this criteria because he only visited Iran on a 72-hour business visa.

Secured VISA for murica. Flying at 14.40. 10 years of VISA, anybody want to sit LAN in USA? 🙂 USA USA USA

— Finn Andersen (@karriganCSGO) June 7, 2016

Today, karrigan let his twitter fans know that he secured his visa and flew out to the United States.

We hope karrigan arrives safely and isn’t too jetlagged to put in a good performance in the remaining eLeague games. While not of the same caliber as karrigan, of course, zonic should at least hold his own decently well, because he was a very good CS 1.6 player. His game knowledge should definitely be up to snuff as a coach, while mechanics are likely to be rusty when compared to the pros. We will just have to see how they do.