Class Order Hall Overview

September 5, 2016 - Esports

In Warlords of Draenor, a feature, which was fun in theory but bad for the game in reality, the Garrison, was introduced. While the whole concept was cool, all it ended up doing was making you stay in your Garrison all the time, discouraging exploration of Draenor. While it’s too early to tell for sure, I get the impression that Blizzard learned from their mistake and won’t repeat it.

While you will probably spend a fair amount of time in your Class Order Hall, it won’t be instanced like the Garrison used to be. Other players of your class from your server, both Horde and Alliance, will use the same space. That should create the impression that you’re actually not alone in there, making you feel kinship with other members of your class.

The other good feature that should help avoid the pitfalls of Garrisons is that practically everything in the Class Order Hall is an Order Resource sink. How do you get them? A lot of it will be done by completing World Quests, actually. That will make you get out of the cities and into the Broken Isles. Using the Class order Hall as your main hub will not be possible, because it won’t have the Bank and Auction House. Blizzard is taking forceful measures to make sure that it’s obviously a secondary destination, where you take care of things and get out into the world, and not the place you spend 90% of your time in.

That said, what can you do in the Class Order Hall? It’s purpose is to reinforce your class identity. In Legion, Horde and Alliance can’t agree on anything at all in order to fight the Burning Legion, so it’s left to notable members of each World of Warcraft class to lead the fight. That’s where Class Order Halls come in. Inside, you will have a small team of Champions and troops to send on missions. There will also be Class Order Quests, which will introduce you to the the storyline of your class, letting to know more about your Champion’s backstories. Basically, you will be the commander of a Seal Team 6.

Another thing, the Class Order hall is where you will place Artifact Knowledge Research orders and do everything else that has anything to do with your Artifact Weapon, which makes perfect sense, because it’s supposed to be a legendary weapon associated with your class. You will also be able to buy gear for Order Resources from vendors in your Class Hall. It won’t be the best, but might be worth it to get if some slot is weaker than the others and raids are just about to unlock. Speaking of raids unlocking, there will be more information about that in another article.

All in all, Class Order Hall seems to be an improvement over Garrisons, at least to me. If you want to experience everything World of Warcraft: Legion has to offer, you will play it no matter how good or bad it is. I’m leaning towards it being awesome, though, but that might be my innate optimism in most things shining through. We will see how it is soon in either case.