BLAST Pro Series Preview

November 23, 2017 - Esports
BLAST Pro Series Preview

After the excitement of IEM Oakland, there will be no rest for us this weekend either. RFRSH Entertainment in partnership with PGL is putting up an exciting event called BLAST Pro Series, where 6 teams will play for the prize pool of $250,000.

What are the teams?

Just Astralis, FaZe Clan, and SK Gaming would be enough to make the event great. The addition of North and G2 Esports only make it more interesting. Ninjas in Pyjamas, coming in after their triumph against FaZe Clan in the IEM Oakland Finals, is what makes this tournament fascinating.

With the exception of North, every other team played in Oakland and this will be an ultimate test to see if NiP’s success was an unexpected aberration or a sign of things to come, a sign that Sweden is on the rise once more, ready to take the CS:GO world by storm.

Standing in their way, there are two Danish teams, Astralis and North, as well as FaZe Clan’s Finn “karrigan” Andersen, as well as the French super team G2 Esports and SK Gaming from Brazil.

Can the Danes keep their title as the top CS:GO region, or will NiP’s success prove to be a symptom of temporary in-server FUBAR by their competition?

Despite the underwhelming results in recent matches, Astralis, FaZe, and SK still stand above the Swedes in the overall rankings. FaZe Clan still has one of the most stacked rosters ever assembled in CS:GO, SK Gaming can only learn to use their new player, Ricardo “boltz” Prass better, Astralis may finally find a way to reach the level they showed in the beginning of the year once again.

The NiP win at IEM Oakland was unexpected and unexpected outcomes tend to send shockwaves through the teams. They punch the teams out of their comfortable autopilot mode of being and make them sit up and pay attention, forcing the search for a solution.

Can Ninjas in Pyjamas keep up their performance? Can they stand up to the Danish in front of their home crowd in Copenhagen and the rest of the field? We will see when the matches start.

The Format

The BLAST Pro Series format is honestly quite weird. With only 6 teams, there won’t be any conventional group stage matches. Instead, the six teams will play 5 rounds of single best of 1 round robin. The top two will make it to the Finals. The two teams will play a best of 3 Finals match. The winner will take home $125,000, while the runner-up goes home with $50,000.

Seems boring, right? But wait! There’s more.

The four teams which don’t make it will participate in show matches. The 3rd seed from Group Stage will pick the opponent they want to play against, the remaining teams will play each other as well. The winners of the matches will get $10,000 each as a bonus to their normal payout.


With the level of teams participating in this event, different fans will have different things to look forward to in the BLAST Pro Series matches. While we are most fascinated about how NiP will stack up against the Danes and the rest of the field, the French might find it more interesting to watch and hope that their team crushes SK Gaming. Not to mention the Brazilian fans.

We are so excited for this tournament that we will be providing you with live updates while the matches are going on.