Avangar Team Profile

January 5, 2018 - Esports
Avangar Team Profile

This article is part of a series aimed at introducing the teams that are going to play at the ELEAGUE Major Boston. To see profiles of other teams, click on the images at the bottom of the article.

The ELEAGUE Major Boston is going to be the first tournament to feature a new structure where the Offline Qualifier is played under the umbrella of the Major instead of it being a separate event. We’re looking at all teams set to take part in the event, starting with the Minors’ Champions, teams which will play in the new Play-In stage of the event.

This CS:GO team comes from Kazakhstan and made their way to the Major in the CIS qualifier, together with Quantum Bellator Fire. That is definitely an exciting and monumental achievement for the organization, but we simply can’t pretend that this team has much of a chance to achieve much of anything in the tournament itself.

Like many of the Minors’ Champions we’ve talked about and will talk about in the following articles, AVANGAR simply doesn’t have the roster to play on an equal footing against the CS:GO greats like FaZe Clan or SK Gaming. In fact, it’s hard to say whether they would have actually won the spot in the Major if they had to go through the European Minor. Chances are, they wouldn’t have.

The Players

Despite our doubts about the whole matter, AVANGAR has earned their spot in the Major and this is the roster they will use in the tournament: Timur “Buster” Tulepov, Aidyn “KrizzeN” Turlybekov, Alexey “Qikert” Golubev, Dmitry “dimasick” Matvienko, and Ali “Jame” Djami.

Four out of the five players have been playing on the team since its creation on Jul. 17, 2017, when AVANGAR signed the LoG roster, with the exception of Jame, who joined the team on Aug. 9, replacing Roma “flomaster” Tsay.

Normally, the lone foreigner, Jaime, amidst the Kazakhstanian four would look strange and lead to questioning if communication issues could be a problem, but this problem doesn’t really exist in the CIS region. In most countries which were part of the Soviet Union, everyone speaks Russian, so the Russian Jame should be just fine.

Team Stats

Since its creation and the formation of the current roster with Jame, the team has played in 119 maps, winning 74 and losing 45. They got 10822 kills to 9967 deaths, which makes their K/D Ration pretty decent at 1.09.

You have to keep in mind that the opponents AVANGAR played against to get to these stats were no FaZe Clan. Compared to the typical opponent they are likely to face, they might actually be pretty good but that doesn’t mean that they can stand up to the world’s best.

This team seems to be specializing at Mirage. In fact, a fourth of their wins have been achieved on this map. They have a 26-9 record on the map.

Next up, there are Cache, Inferno, and Train at 13-8 for Cache, 12-8 for Inferno, and 10-9 for Train. They are also decent on Cobblestone (8-4) but Overpass seems to be their Achilles’ Heel at 5-7.

Recent Events

The events AVANGAR played at since the team’s inception aren’t what you would expect from a Major contender. Instead of EPL LAN Finals, ESL One events and the like, they have participated in tournaments like LOOT.BET Cup 2 – cs_summit 2 Qualifier, where they didn’t even crack the Top 8, MakeMy.Bet Cup #1, Make.My.Bet Championship #1, and WCA 2017 Europe Main Qualifier.

To put it briefly, this team plays a lot of qualifiers for B events with some A event qualifiers like EPICENTER 2017 CIS Qualifier peppered through, as well. They also appear at C-tier events as well and occasionally do well.