According to slingshot report, Valve game notice of coach role changes

November 2, 2016 - Esports

When we talked about the rule change, which banned coaches from taking over in-game leader responsibilities, causing the community to immediately grab their pitchforks and go to work, we expressed the opinion that the change itself was good, the only thing that stank about it was the way Valve handled the whole thing. If the recent report by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis of is true, players were approached beforehand.

According to the article by DeKay, “Valve employee Vitaliy Genkin reached out to a collection of high-profile professional Counter-Strike players regarding possible changes to Valve’s coaching rule, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.” The report goes on stating that these players were encouraged to draft a response concerning the issue. It’s not known whether the players actually did it or not.

The article by DeKay also mentions that, according to sources, players planned a meeting for early October, where they would express their desire to permit communication with coaches during the 15 second “freeze”, which happens before each round. That is not allowed by the current rules.

The Slingshot report certainly clears Valve of some of their shortcomings in the whole matter, however, there still are some fishy things concerning the whole situation.

Tinfoil hat is on for this part of the article.

Looking at Valve’s bio page, Vitaliy A. Genkin seems to be a software guy. Why would he be the best person to talk to eSports players about planned tournament rule changes? Could it be that the pros, who were contacted by Vitaliy simply didn’t recognize him and so discounted what he was saying?

If that is true, Valve still mishandled the situation very badly. Granted, the company is known for its hands-off approach to the eSports scene, but there MUST be someone players actually know, who could talk to them? While they reportedly tried to talk to their pros, the way it was done was kinda bad, so not much is changed by DeKay’s report.

On the other hand, if the players had prior warning to the announcement concerning the rule change and didn’t try or succeed in finding a solution that would satisfy Valve’s desire for change, while also providing coaches the opportunity to steer their team in the right direction, that’s on the players. If only there was a Player’s Union or something… It has to be pointed out that CS:GO pros live in numerous time zones, they speak different languages, they have widely varied points of view. Finding an acceptable solution with the clock ticking is a monumental task.

Tinfoil hat off.