2017 EU LCS Spring Split – After Week One

January 23, 2017 - Esports
2017 EU LCS Spring Split – After Week One

The EU LCS is a different beast from NA. Both in format, scheduling, and the financial power of the teams involved. Still, its teams are often just as good if not better than the NA teams. This Split, Riot Games finally brought the Best of 3 format to the EU LCS, however, the region had to pay for it with a weird little structure which split the roster of teams into two groups. Let’s see how they stand after three days of play.

We’ve already talked about the games of the first day of EU LCS, so let’s look at the other two days now. In their LCS debut, the champions of 2016 EU CS Summer, Misfits, won against GIANTS! Gaming in three games, with  their Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage drawing a Syndra ban after the first match of the series. Later on, however, in the third game of the series, PowerOfEvil got to play the champion again and to great effect against his opponent Na “NighT” Gun-woo’s Ekko. As far as great starts go, Misfits fell short, but still, winning the first match in the LCS should be a decent confidence booster.

After that, a match projected to be extremely close by experts, started between Vitality and Unicorns of Love. UoL weren’t playing around, getting their Top and Mid fed in both games and winning the games, supported by their wave pushing Caitlyn Lulu botlane. Unicorns didn’t screw around, not letting either game reach the 35 minute mark. In fact, Game 1 ended at 27:28, while the second took 32:15 to end.

The third day of the tournament wasn’t very exciting, to be honest. The only scenario where it could have been fascinating was in case of incredible upsets, yet those were nowhere to be seen, unfortunately. The first match between ROCCAT and G2 Esports had a very clear favorite in G2. While ROCCAT managed to fight off the swarm for a while, they fell eventually, after 38 minutes in Game 1 and 35 in Game 2. In the first game, G2’s Mid and ADC hard carried the tea, while in G2, G2’s (hehe) Jungler joined in on the fun as well. All in all, ROCCAT didn’t have much fun playing League of Legends against G2 Esports.

The second set of matches of the third day were even less exciting. H2k-Gaming just rolled over Splyce in two sub-30 minute games. Their new Mid, Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten showed that despite his alleged toxic attitude, he’s worth it on the rift, finishing the first game with 9/0/10 on Jayce, while not making himself too heavy to carry in the second game, trailing his Jungler and AD Carry, who had 8/2/6 and 5/1/8 to Febiven’s 5/2/4 on Cassiopeia.