$100,000 ESL Atlantic Showdown Preview

August 18, 2016 - Esports

The budding Overwatch scene is set to have its first Major at Gamescon, starting on August 20. Following a set of Regional Qualifiers, eight teams from different sides of the Atlantic ocean found their way to the main event. Those teams are Team EnVyUs, REUNITED, Misfits, Cloud9, Creation eSports, Rogue, Fnatic, and compLexity Gaming (former Team SoloMid).

Due to the limited number of teams and intense timeframe, having to conclude the tournament over the Gamescom weekend, the eight competing squads were seeded into two groups. Group A has Misfits, Team EnVyUs, Creation eSports, and Fnatic, while Group B will feature REUNITED, Cloud9, Rogue, and compLexity Gaming.

The schedule and format will be very simple. Starting at 10:00 CEST, play will start with Group A matches, where Misfits will play Fnatic and EnVyUs will match Creation. Following the conclusion of these matches, winners will play each other, followed by an elimination match between the losers of the two matches, with the victor staying alive to play another day. After the Elimination match concludes, Group B will start.

The second group of the tournament will start at approximately 15:00 CEST, with REUNITED facing compLexity and Cloud9 playing against Rogue, followed by Winner’s and Elimination matches, to set up for the second day of the tournament.

On Sunday, 21st of August, the day will start with the Group B Decider Match, which will have the loser of the Winner’s Match face the loser of the Elimination Match to figure out which team are deserving of a Semi Final spot. The same will happen in Group A too, starting at approx. 11:30 CEST.

The Semi Finals should start at around 13:00 CEST for the first one and around 14:30 for the second one. Following that, the winners will play in the Grand Final, which will award the winner with the bulk of the $100,000 prize pool.

Obviously Team EnVyUs is the clear favorite to win this tournament. They should be able to defeat Creation and then take down the winner of the match between Misfits and Fnatic. There shouldn’t be a question about who’s gonna win the tournament. The answer is overwhelmingly obvious – EnVyUs. They’ve won 55 series in a row, after all. More interesting is the first serious test of Overwatch as an eSport. ESL Atlantic Showdown will show whether the game can cut it as an eSport or not, everything else pales in comparison.